Teachers Day Celebration- A salute to all the unsung heroes of our lives

Teachers are underrated but the impact they have on our lives is quite overwhelming. Yet they fade away as a distant memory after handing over their enlightened baton in our hands. MES Teachers College brought the busy schedule to a standstill on September 8 th , 2018, to celebrate Teachers Day with their most beloved predecessor Mrs. Indumati Rao, who has been loved and revered by her students at our college. Mrs. Indumati Roa served as a lecturer at MES Teachers College from 1977 to 1995 and was instrumental in starting our esteemed school- MES Kishore Kendra. After leaving the college she has been involved in many noble causes to uplift the oppressed and under-privileged children. Being her student myself, I can vouch for her sincere and warm-hearted support she rendered to me and my classmates in 1990. At her age she still has the fire and sincerity to work for noble causes which even we and our young successors fall short to do. Some of the pearls of advice she gave us wa